Colorado: Mapping the Centennial State through History

Rare And Unusual Maps From The Library Of Congress

Book Description

A stirring trip through the history of the Centennial State
through gloriously detailed, fascinating maps from the Library of Congress

- 50 full-color historical maps from the Library of Congress

- Informative captions on each map's origins

- Essays by Colorado author Stephen Grace on how maps reflect the history, culture, and sensibilities of the state and its residents through time

- A foreword by Vincent Virga describing the library's collection and the state's maps

About Mapping States Through History

This is the first series to assemble—in full color, state-by-state—an in-depth collection of rare, historically significant maps of the cities, states, counties, towns, and events that make up each of America's fifty states. Produced in collaboration with the Library of Congress and edited by renowned photo editor and author Vincent Virga, these books offer a glimpse into the history of the United States through the maps and their narrative captions. Each map thus becomes a virtual time machine that tells us much about the places we live in today. Compelling historical essays by a local writer complement Virga's foreword to further help weave the cartographic record into a drama of settlement and change.

About Grace, Stephen

Vincent Virga has been called, "America's foremost picture editor." He is the co-author of Eyes of the Nation and the author of Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations, produced in cooperation with the Library of Congress.

Stephen Grace previous employment has ranged from deckhand on Mississippi riverboats to neuropsychological research assistant to whitewater rafting guide. He has led numerous trips, including snowboarding adventures for at-risk youth and a volunteer project in China for college students. A resident of Colorado, he divides his free time between Denver's museums and its mountains. His first novel, Under Cottonwoods (The Lyons Press, 2004), was a Book Sense 76 selection. He is currently at work on a new novel.