Golden Country

Touring Scenic California

Book Description

California is a land of beautiful contrasting landscapes. In Golden Country, author and photographer Susan Neider has assembled a visually stunning and richly informative guide to the premier outdoor destinations in California. Highlights include the waterfalls and granite domes of Yosemite National Park; the tall redwood groves of Redwood National and State Parks; the surreal sand landscapes of Death Valley National Park; the rocky and sandy shores of the California Coastal Monument; and much more. Family vacationers, RVers, backpackers, and anyone who loves wild places will find in this book an indispensable trip planner and an extraordinary vision of the Golden State.

About Neider, Susan

Susan M. Neider's fascination with California began when she was a child. After graduating from Princeton University with a degree in chemistry, she parlayed her interest in the chemistry of photography into a career in fine art and portrait photography. A trip with her camera through the area has rekindled her interest in the region's beauty. She is also the author of the companion books Color Country: Touring the Colorado Plateau and High Country: Touring the Colorado Rockies.