Florida's Famous Animals

True Stories Of Sunset Sam The Dolphin, Snooty The Manatee, Big Guy The Panther, And Others

Book Description

Amazing, heartwarming and true animal stories – with photos!

For animal lovers all over the planet, here is an easy-to-read collection of real-life rescues, rehabilitations, and adoptions from a state renowned for its wildlife. Read about the bottle-nosed dolphin who paints pictures on canvas, the 205-pound baby elephant who needed a name, and the hippopotamus who was adopted by an entire town. Fun for the whole family.

Jan Annino Godown is the author of several books about Florida, and lives in Tallahassee.

About Annino, Jan

Jan Annino Godown tutors college students, writes a column on children's literature, and is working towards an MFA degree in children's literature.