It Happened in Denver


Book Description

A fascinating collection of twenty-five compelling stories about events that shaped the Mile High City, It Happened in Denver describes everything from a nineteenth-century gold rush that turned a tent city into a bustling frontier outpost to the mid-1990s construction of a baseball stadium and the urban renewal that accompanied it.

Discover why Denver nearly burned down in 1863 and why it was flooded a year later. Learn how wine barrels helped lay a foundation for the ski industry. And meet David Moffat, the man most responsible for building a rail line across the Rocky Mountains.

In an easy-to-read style that’s entertaining as well as informative, author Stephen Grace recounts some of the most famous (and infamous!) moments in the history of Colorado’s largest city.

About Grace, Stephen

Stephen Grace previous employment has ranged from deckhand on Mississippi riverboats to neuropsychological research assistant to whitewater rafting guide. He has led numerous trips, including snowboarding adventures for at-risk youth and a volunteer project in China for college students. A resident of Colorado, he divides his free time between Denver's museums and its mountains. His first novel, Under Cottonwoods (The Lyons Press, 2004), was a Book Sense 76 selection. He is currently at work on a new novel.