Basic Essentials® Photography in the Outdoors


Book Description

This revised edition includes information about digital photography and its associated equipment. The author examines the changes brought about by the use of digital cameras and how film still has a place. Discover how to use filters for special effects, understand your camera better to use it more efficiently, develop techniques for using lenses, protect your camera and film from environmental damage, eliminate common beginners¿ mistakes, and adjust your camera to compensate for drastic differences in available light.

About Hanson, Jonathan

Award-winning authors and photographers, Roseann and Jonathan Hanson have worked as a team for nearly twenty years, exploring, writing, and photographing the wilds of North America from the Arctic to Baja, California. Jonathan Hanson is a freelance writer and photographer whose articles and photographs have appeared in nearly two dozen publications, including Outside and National Geographic Adventure. Together they have written and illustrated eight books on natural history and outdoor sports.