Evolution of American Bicycle Racing


Book Description

The popularity of American bicycle racing has ebbed and flowed over the years, but thanks to the American's decade of dominance in European road racing, including the Tour de France, competitive cycling in America is seeing a popularity greater than at any other time since the early 20th Century when bike races outdrew all other American sports combined.
This book not only documents the glorious history of American cycling but also its flourishing future. Included are chapters on six day races, road racing, track racing, BMX, mountain bike racing, cyclo-cross, and a step over the pond to some famous European classics being won by an unprecedented number of Americans, including the Tour de France.
Good visual support from each era of cycling with historic and current photography. Sidebars containing oral history from key players in all specialties.

About Dzierzak, Lou

Lou Dzierzak walked away to become a full-time writer after sixteen years planning advertising campaigns for clients like Harley-Davidson, Jolly Time Popcorn, Tony's Pizza, Red Wing Shoe Company, and K2,  His first book, a history of Schwinn bicycles, was published in 2002. Lou is an active cyclist and fan of bicycle racing in all forms.