Wilderness Predators of the Rockies

The Bond Between Predator And Prey

Book Description

Wilderness Predators of the Rockies takes readers on an in-depth journey into the secluded backcountry where legendary predators such as the mighty grizzly, taciturn wolverine, stately wolf, awesome jaguar, and other wild animals call home.

Casting aside the canned, often misleading, biology often cited, this book offers a deeper understanding of wilderness and its predators and prey as well as an explanation about how humans fit into this fascinating cycle.

Full of newly discovered facts and many first-hand accounts, the text is accompanied by award-winning action photos that bring these secretive predators and their roles in the cycle of nature to life.

About Lapinski, Mike

Mike Lapinski is an award-winning outdoor writer and photographer. He is considered an expert on wilderness habitat and wildlife and speaks frequently at seminars on wildlife and nature. Mike lives amongst the Rockies in Superior, Montana, with his wife Aggie.