High Rocks and Ice

The Classic Mountain Photographs Of Bob And Ira Spring

Book Description

Through stunning b&w photographs and personal accounts, this beautiful book chronicles the Spring brothers' life work and along with it the history of mountain climbing in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. While other photographers were recording expeditions to distant destinations, Bob and Ira were pioneers in photographing the remarkable climbers and stunning peaks of the Northwest.

Areas covered include:
*Mount Olympus
*Mount Rainier
*Tatoosh Range
*Paradise Ice Caves
*Sentinel Peak
*White Rock Lake
*Cowlitz Glacier
*Alpine Lakes Wilderness
*Glacier Peak Wilderness
*Mount Eldorado

About Ring, Bob, Sp

Bob and Ira Spring have been climbing and photographing mountains in the Northwest since 1930, when Eastman Kodak celebrated its fiftieth anniversary by offering every twelve-year-old in the United States a Box Brownie camera. The twin brothers went into business together in 1946, and since then their photographs have appeared in hundreds of magazines and more than 50 books. Ira Spring passed away in June 2003.

John Harlin III is the editior of the American Alpine Journal and a contributing editor of Backpacker magazine