Outdoor Escapes Washington, D.C.

A Four-Season Guide

Book Description

Outdoor Escapes Washington, D.C. is your one-stop resource for information on the best outdoor adventures in the District of Columbia, northern Virginia, and Maryland. This guide points you to the virtually limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation in the area, from hiking and mountain biking to ice skating and paragliding, all within easy driving distance of the capital.

Inside you'll find:

* An introduction of multiuse trails in the local area
* Maps of the National Mall, trail areas, and directions
* Listings of outdoor cultural activities and attractions
* Ideas for family-friendly outdoor fun, from jousting tournaments to canal boat rides
* A year-round calendar of outdoor events, from Frisbee festivals to marathons
* Trail contacts, clubs and associations, schools and guides, and much more

With Outdoor Escapes Washington, D.C. as a guide, residents and travelers alike can explore the many and varied opportunities for outdoor recreation that the city and its environs have to offer.

About Carnahan, Kevin

Kevin J. Carnahan developed a love of nature at a very early age thanks to his parents, who often told him to "go outside and play." He has lived in the Washington, D.C., area his entire life and has participated in just about every sport and activity within these pages. After years of telling friends and family about fun places to go, he decided to compile his lists and descriptions into this, his first book. Kevin received his bachelor of arts degree from Mary Washington College and works at a large Internet company by day. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.