Hiking the Redwood Coast

Best Hikes Along Northern And Central California's Coastline

Book Description

Including more than 50 of the Redwood Coast's most fascinating hikes, this one-of-a-kind guide leads readers through the dazzling array of geographic, historical, biological, and cultural diversity that makes this region unique. From the towering majesty of Redwood National Park to the sea caves and blowholes of Mendocino's shores to the wildflower meadows of Big Sur, the Redwood Coast offers abundant opportunities to satisfy cravings for nature at its best. Whether it's whale watching from rugged coastal bluffs, delving deep into ancient Redwood forests, or combing beaches for Neptune's treasures, Hiking the Redwood Coast will guide hikers through this land of stark contrasts, stirring history, and incomparable beauty.

In addition to detailed directional cues, hike stats, and local information, this book provides comprehensive trail descriptions and GPS-quality, digitally designed route maps for each hike.

About Brett, Daniel

Dan Brett is a certified wilderness fool. Originally from the Midwest, he was drawn west by the high, lonely call of mountain passes and untamed places. He has worked as a trail crew volunteer in Grand Canyon National Park and Redwood Nation Park (where he met his wife) and actually got paid to hike around and fix trails in Idaho Panhandle, Inyo, Six Rivers, and Klamath National Forests. When not hiking or writing, he makes music, works wood, builds things, is active politically and environmentally, reads a lot, and generally wishes there were more hours in the day. His articles have appeared in Backpacker, Country Back Roads, and California Blacksmith. He is also the author of Hike America: Northern California (2000 Globe Pequot). Dan lives in Humboldt County with his wife, Mirjam