They Call Me Sacagawea


Book Description

They Call Me Sacagawea is rich and classic storytelling. The history of the astounding expedition of Lewis and Clark leaps off the page when told here by their teenage Shoshone interpreter--Sacagawea. Readers learn about this young mother's extraordinary travels with the celebrated Corps of Discovery and gain detailed insight into native traditions and life ways through unforgettable images and a beautifully presented story based on oral traditions, scholarly research, and historical anecdotes. This book will appeal to readers ages 8-14.

About Hunsaker, Joyce Badgley

Joyce Badgley Hunsaker is an award-winning historical interpreter, storyteller, and author. Her thoughtful and carefully researched programs have won her national acclaim as both actress and historian. She has performed across the country in schools, museums, on national television and radio, as well as for Disney, with the NBA Portland Trailblazers, at the 2002 Winter Olympics, and at the Smithsonian Institution.
Joyce Badgley Hunsaker's family bloodlines include Cherokee and Sioux, English, French, and Scots-Irish. Several tribes have honored her with ceremonial names.
Joyce's book Sacagawea Speaks: Beyond the Shining Mountains with Lewis & Clark was honored as 2001 History Book of the Year by ForeWord magazine.