Vigilantes of Montana

Book Description

Gold, land, jealousy, and murder--all are elements of this classic tale of the Montana Territory, written in 1864 as a vindication of the actions of the Vigilantes who hanged Sheriff William Henry Handy Plumer of Bannack, Montana.
Now beautifully reprinted with a foreword by R. E. Mather, prominent Western historian and co-author of Hanging the Sheriff, A Biography of Henry Plummer, readers can delve into the history behind Montana's rough beginnings for themselves and uncover the controversy behind the legend of the Vigilantes.

About Dimsdale, Thomas

Professor Thomas J. Dimsdale was an Englishman who came to Virginia City, Montana, at the height of the 1860s gold rush in search of a better climate for his health. He ended up embroiled in one of the great controversies in Montana history as the author of The Vigilantes of Montana, a work protesting his own innocence as well as that of the vigilantes in the death of Henry Plummer.

Western historian R. E. Mather is co-author of Hanging the Sheriff: A Biography of Henry Plummer.