Babes in the Woods

The Woman's Guide To Eating Well, Sleeping Well, And Having Fun In The Backcountry

Book Description

Bobbi Hoadley offers this fun guide for women who want to be wild--but don't want to suffer through their time in the wilderness. Hoadley introduces the concepts of wilderness or backcountry adventure for the novice and experienced camper alike. Her tips on personal hygiene, traveling light, and enjoying the journey are designed with women in mind--but these are tips that men can take to heart, as well.
From tips on packing and physical fitness to ways to entertain the group once they are in the wild, this book is packed with great advice from a woman who knows camping and wants to help women embrace being "Babes in the Woods." Gourmet "on-the-trail" recipes are also included.
Hoadley's message: With a little planning and some know-how--plus a good attitude--women can sleep well, eat very well, and really enjoy their backcountry adventure.

About Hoadley, Bobbi

As National Camp Advisor for the Girl Guides of Canada, Bobbi Hoadley has organized and directed many backcountry activities for women. She has expertise in lifeguarding, canoeing, kayaking, standard wilderness first aid, and fitness instruction--and she's a gourmet cook who has adapted some of her recipes to backcountry use. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband and has two daughters.