Exploring Guatemala’s Gardens from Atlantic to Pacific

Book Description

Up until now, many of these gardens have only been enjoyed by family and friends. They spotlight innovative design, native plants, natural scenery, and Guatemala’s rich history and culture.

Stunning photographs show how plants and architectural features come together to create extraordinary indoor and outdoor living spaces.

The book is divided into six regions, each with its own unique topography, climate, and character.

About Nottebohm, Kix

Kix Nottebohm moved to Guatemala in 1980, after graduating from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in art history. When she left the United States, she brought with her childhood memories of Virginia, especially the family home on the James River, filled with English boxwood, tulip poplar trees, and crepe myrtle. As she explored Guatemala, visiting coffee and macadamia farms with her husband, Tommy, she fell in love with the tropical landscape and its exotic tree ferns, wild orchids, and bromeliads.