Women in Media Careers

Success Despite the Odds

Book Description

Women in Media Careers takes an in-depth look at women's careers in mass media by outlining job descriptions and providing insider tips on how to begin a career. By investigating positions held by women in top media-owning conglomerates, authors Lee Bollinger and Carole O'Neill assert that while women in the media still struggle against the impenetrable glass ceiling, vibrant changes in the industry have left that ceiling more permeable than ever. Women are inching their way into the executive positions at top media conglomerates making them major power players in the industry. After comparing employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the top Fortune 500 media companies, Bollinger and O'Neill emphasize that despite the great odds set against women, they are succeeding in blazing a career path in mass media. Also discussed are the extraordinary women of the media industry who have gone beyond all boundaries and have succeeded in multiple genres of media or entertainment. Informative and inspiring, Bollinger and O'Neill's encouraging book offers women a reliable resource on the career opportunities in the mass media industry and how they can succeed in securing a position at the top.

About Bollinger, Lee

Lee Bollinger is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Coastal Carolina University. Carole O'Neill is an Emmy award winning producer/director who aired news, talk shows, documentaries, and live specials on CBS, NBC, and WB affiliates in Boston. She is currently Visiting Professor at Coastal Carolina University and has previously been Professor in the School of the Arts at Emerson College.