Knowing If It's the Real Thing

Discovering the Roots of Intimacy

Book Description

In this exciting and original work, Gerald Alper, illuminates the crucial elements that together constitute intimacy. Knowing If It's the Real Thing offers a radical departure from today's popular, yet mythological belief that if two people stay together, in an adaptive, productive, and moderately mutually enhancing way, they will achieve the most a relationship can offer.

Some issues discussed in the book are the basic ingredients and rudimentary ground rules of "postmodern intimacy;" how to discover the arena in which one feels most comfortable in expressing intimate feelings; the many ways that sincere efforts to connect can completely misfire; and how to build up defenses, dodge self-reproach, and retain one's dignity and sense of trust following a serious break-up.

About Alper, Gerald

Gerald Alper, M.S., a practicing psychotherapist since 1979 and fellow of the American Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, is the author of Self Defense in a Narcissistic World: The New Everyday Addiction to Power Trips (Hamilton Books, 2004).