Escape Your Own Prison

Why We Need Spirituality and Psychology to be Truly Free

Book Description

After many years as successful psychologist, Dr. Bernard Starr embarked on a spiritual quest to find true peace of mind. Escape Your Own Prison charts his journey and his discovery that spirituality is essential to deep well-being in a way that psychology alone cannot achieve. Starr's understanding of how to experience true freedom embraces aspects of psychology and spirituality, and is compatible with a spectrum of religious beliefs. Revealing his own transformation from pure psychologist to spiritual practitioner and sharing examples from his practice, he offers practical advice on moving beyond false notions of the self and ego to broader, deeper consciousness.

About Starr, Bernard

Bernard Starr, Ph.D., is a practicing psychologist, writer, radio host, and psychology professor formerly at City University of New York and now at Marymount Manhattan. He has appeared on national TV talk shows and writes a weekly column for He lives in New York City.