Like Rolling Thunder

The Air War in Vietnam, 1964–1975

Book Description


With dramatic names right out of a Hollywood blockbuster, these strike operations conducted by the United States Air Force were part of an aerial campaign that spanned over a decade, sprawled over four countries, and involved the dropping of countless tons of bombs.

In this insightful and lively book, distinguished scholar Ronald B. Frankum, Jr. captures the full extent of the struggle. The first brief overview of the air war in Vietnam,
Like Rolling Thunder examines each theatre of operation—South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia—and explores the extent to which the aerial campaigns aided U.S. tactics and strategy. Comprehensive yet concise, the work is a fresh look at this conflict's bitterly contested and hard fought air war.

About Frankum, Ronald B., Jr.

Ronald B. Frankum, Jr., served as associate director of the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University. He is the author of Silent Partners: The United States and Australia in Vietnam, and he teaches at Millersville University.