Going Live

Getting the News Right in a Real-Time, Online World

Book Description

Live! Breaking story! Up-to-the-minute coverage! We hear these teasers every day. But do they always guide us to real news? With the explosive growth of online news and increased barrage of sensational live shots on TV, getting a story first seems more important than getting it right. In Going Live, veteran journalist Philip Seib warns of the dangers of trivialized news and sloppy ethics in this “new news” age. Whether you love or hate the news media, this is an indispensable look at where journalism is heading—and how we can sort out what's important and accurate in the news we get in an ever-faster moving stream.

About Seib, Philip

Philip Seib is a professor of Journalism and Public Diplomacy in the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. He is also a veteran television and newspaper journalist.