Essentials of Fabulous

Because Whatever Doesn't Work Here Anymore

Book Description

  • A life-changing book for those who want to improve themselves from the inside out; from the way you think to the way you are perceived by others, this book delivers!

The Essentials of Fabulous shows you how to set yourself apart in this "whatever" world by paying scrupulous attention to detail - showing you how passion, enthusiasm, attitude, superior manners, and a terrific style will catapult you confidently into looking and feeling fabulous. Whether you're an artist, a CEO, a boomer, a baker, a mom, an empty-nester or a diva new to your career, you can reinvent yourself simply by tending to detail. The warmth of your smile, the shine of your shoe, the way you put away your cell phone when dining with a friend, the thank-you note that you mail, rather than sending an e-mail.

You don't have to be connected to get to the top. All you have to do is master the details. This book will guide you step by step, as you begin to live life to its fullest potential and in great style.

About Lubin-Sherman, Ellen

Ellen Lubin-Sherman began her journey to fabulous in Brooklyn, where she sharpened her wit, vision, and reverence for knock-off fashion. After a thirty-year career cultivating and branding identities for some of the country's most luxurious products, in 2004 she founded Launch, a coaching and consultancy firm for business leaders and corporations. Today she is a sought-after consultant and speaker renowned for her witticisms on society, culture, manners, and business.

Susan Gedutis Lindsay has edited more than 100 books and online courses for several publishers, and is co-founder of publisher Launch Forward. She is author of See You at the Hall: Boston's Golden Era of Music and Dance, published in 2004 by University Press of New England. For many years was the Irish music critic for the newspaper the Boston Irish Reporter.