Remaking America's Three School Systems

Now Separate and Unequal

Book Description

The American public has been given a distorted view of the state of education in our nation. Milton Schwebel brings the contradictions about the state of education to the attention of his readers and provides a detailed set of proposals for change. Concrete examples and the experiences of real individuals add color and interest to this work and a rationale and documentation to support each proposal is also provided. Topics include the three-tiered system-elite private and public schools which provide leadership in all fields; the vast army of middle-level workers; and the marginal third system, social class differences, and parental mediation. For activists parents, school administrators, teachers, counselors, school psychologists, social workers, health specialists, and educational researchers.

About Schwebel, Milton

Milton Schwebel is currently professor emeritus of psychology at Rutgers University. He has taught children, parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, psychologists, and other school personnel, served as professor and associate dean at New York University's School of Education, professor and dean at Rutgers Graduate School of Education, and consultant to school districts, state and federal agencies in the U.S., and ministries of education abroad. For years he has been troubled by the incredible, if understandable, self-deception implicit in national policy that was supposed to cure the nation's educational ills, such as GOALS 2000 in the early nineties and the recent Bush administration's legislation, and this book is meant to expose that deception and open the way - and debate - to realistic solutions.